Wireless Headphones AxTel

Wireless headsets with a microphone are an ideal solution for people who value convenience and freedom of movement. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the headsets can be easily paired with any device compatible with this technology, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The headsets are equipped with a microphone with an advanced noise reduction system, which guarantees crystal-clear sound during calls and online conferences. The flexible headband and soft ear cushions provide comfort during prolonged use.

Additionally, the headsets have an Active Noise Cancelling function, which actively reduces external noise, providing full acoustic isolation. Built-in buttons allow for easy control of music playback and phone calls. The headsets are equipped with a battery that allows for up to 15 hours of uninterrupted work, and charging is done via a USB cable.


Wireless Headphones

Thanks to current technology, it is now possible to use tools that are close to ideal. Ones that will surely satisfy even the most demanding individuals. Telemarketers’ work also requires such devices. Our wireless headsets are of the highest quality and will work in any conditions.

Complete comfort and freedom of movement

Thanks to the complete lack of any wiring in Axtel headsets, employees who are required to constantly move and travel between departments in the office will not be limited in any way, which will certainly translate into work comfort. The problem of a short or constantly tangled cable can therefore be forgotten. Although our headsets are wireless, all voip phones offered by us are fully compatible with them. The guarantee of the highest level of comfort is also the materials from which wireless headsets for phones are made. We make every effort to ensure that the entire device structure is made of materials that combine exceptional lightness with proper durability. We are aware that our headsets can be used continuously for a very long time, so maintaining ergonomic work is a priority for us.


Since wireless headsets do not have any power source, they must be equipped with batteries or rechargeable batteries that will provide them with energy for proper functioning. Our offered models are equipped with rechargeable batteries that provide a sufficiently long working time on a single charge. This eliminates the problem of worrying that the equipment may run out of battery at any time.

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, our wireless headsets for the phone can work at a great distance from the source device. Each user can therefore easily walk around the office, knowing that there will be no interference, sound distortion or call interruption. We have experience in designing devices of this type, so we are well aware of the risk of certain threats occurring.

Despite being wireless phone headsets, the sound quality they can provide is practically as high as those with cables. This is evidenced by all the parameters of the models available in our offer. We are aware that our clients care about having effective phone conversations, and for that, crystal clear sound is required, both from the user and their interlocutor.

Therefore, the microphones we install in our devices are the best components, guaranteeing perfect reproduction of the person’s voice who is speaking into it. Thanks to this, a conversation with a user of our headsets will be nothing but a pleasure.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our extensive offer and choose a model that meets all, even the most demanding expectations.

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