Axtel is a global vendor of professional communication solutions

Originally based in Warsaw, Poland, Axtel is now a truly European vendor that offers their solutions around the world. During its journey toward becoming a global provider of high-quality devices, Axtel has gained years of experience within the market for professional communication. Axtel produces high-quality professional communication solutions aimed at organisations where communication is central to their business. We prioritise user needs and comfort, enabling professionals to further their goals with clear two-way communication through advanced audio technology.

Technology for Crystal Clear communication

To ensure effectiveness and, eventually, tangible results. communication needs to be as close to a personal conversation as possible. By employing advanced audio technology for voice quality and noise cancellation, Axtel produces devices that are suitable for any environment and use case.

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5 reasons companies opt for Axtel
1. Extensive experience
Axtel Headsets has just recently celebrated its 16 year anniversary and continues to strive forexcellency in their efforts of establishing themselves as a globally recognized brand as well as aleader within its industry.
2. Europeans standards
Our products are manufactured in Europe, and we place great emphasis on closely monitoring the production process to ensure the highest quality possible. Not only does this include strict quality control at every stage of production, but we also make continual efforts to improve our products rapidly as well as in great detail. That is why Axtel products meet the highest quality of standards applicable to various international markets.
3. High quality
Our unwavering commitment to quality is vital in all that we do. We make an active effort to maintain high-quality standards throughout the design and manufacture process. We do so in the most efficient way possible in order to ensure our product is affordable for a vast amount of consumers and business professionals around the globe.
4. Collaboration
The collective objective of Axtel has always been to provide reliable products that fully support each user in the conducting of their business affairs. That’s why we are proud to be certified by as well as compatible with the solutions of the most well-renowned brands within the telecom industry.
5. Our partnerships
Axtel works alongside strategic alliance partners in order to ensure that our products are easy to deploy and fully compatible with the great majority of their solutions.

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Axtel has grown from being a producer of professional headsets to a global provider of quality communication solutions. We have developed solutions that answer to business needs through the ongoing merger of traditional telecoms with digital technology and IT. All solutions created by Axtel are designed to prioritise user requirements for clear communication and use comfort, and to maximise their ability to meet and exceed their goals.