1. Compatibility

Axtel headsets work well with a wide variety of telecommunication devices and solutions. Please contact us to check whether your existing communication solutions are compatible with our products. Compatibility includes the following hardware: Computers, Mobile Devices, Desk Phones, Other Devices

See how easy it is to connect professional Axtel headsets to your devices:

2. Type of Environment and Ambient Sound Level

Ambient conditions are important when selecting the type of headsets suitable for your organization. Proper noise cancellation, sound technology, and monaural or binaural preferences play an important role in the experience of your users.

3. Individual preferences

Each business possesses unique needs defined by but not limited to:
• Necessity of Cost-Effective Solutions
• Search for Robust Tool Dedicated to Everyday Use
• Frequency of Conversations on the Phone and Soft Phone
• Switching the Workspace

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