Modern internet cameras designed to conduct high-quality online meetings – regardless of location. Perfectly sharp image and excellent reproduction of true colors – Axtel computer camera is an investment in better quality online meetings. Whether you are looking for solutions for remote work, education, or equipping a corporate office, our innovative products will meet your highest expectations. Try out modern computer cameras and feel like you are having a live conversation with people hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away!

Axtel Computer Webcams

Our cameras are devices with video quality reaching Ultra HD 4K in some models, providing the highest image and detail quality. Thanks to an exceptionally wide viewing angle of up to 120 degrees, the camera can detect and track the speaker, zoom in on group images, automatically frame, and actively reduce noise, providing excellent video and audio transmission quality.
For example, the AX-4K Video Bar camera is equipped with a 5-element microphone that captures sound within a radius of 5 meters, as well as a high-quality broadband speaker that provides clear and natural sound during conference calls.
Our cameras can be serially connected to up to 4 additional conference speakers, allowing each participant in the conversation to hear the muted voice of their partner. The USB-C Plug & Play connector ensures easy connection to a computer and immediate readiness for work, while Auto Focus and White Balance guarantee that the image will always be clear and well-balanced.
Selected models are also equipped with intelligent AI features that make video work more intuitive and effective, allowing each meeting participant to focus on content and dialogue rather than technical details. The set of features on this camera makes it an excellent tool for anyone who needs exceptionally high-quality video and audio during conference and video calls.

Webcam AX-FHD Webcam