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Axtel is a global brand that specializes in the manufacturing of professional USB headsets.

Axtel, a European based company, delivers communication solutions designed for call centers and office environments. Our users’ needs and expectations are our number one priority throughout the design process. We aim to create telemarketing headsets that facilitate our clients’ work at the most optimal level. By taking advantage of modern technology, we focus on bringing more authenticity to your business conversations.

We strive to reach beyond global USB headset with mic quality standards.

The primary reason for doing so is to create products that add value to a business. Supreme sound quality, reliability, and maximum comfort thanks to an ergonomic design are the main features of Axtel telemarketing headsets. Having created an extensive product portfolio for enterprises worldwide, we continue to transform one time clients into trusted business partners.

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Technology, Quality, Precision

Sound quality, reliability, and maximum comfort are the main features of our perfectly designed Axtel headsets. Keeping that in mind, we have created a rich product portfolio suitable for business and which has gained our customers’ trust worldwide.

Over 16 years of
continual development
A European-based
global brand
Available in over
98 countries

Voice UC45

Versatility above all

Voice UC45 headset is perfect for office, remote work, education and also entertainment due to large soundproofing speakers and music equalizer.

The most technologically advanced and versatile headset from the Unified Communication line is Equipped with backlit USB pilot with Audio button, noise cancelling microphone with busy light and a double plug which allows user to connect with device either through USB port or Jack 3,5mm.

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VOICE 40 HD duo NC

Crystal Clear Audio in Every Environment

The Axtel VOICE QD is a series of professional headsets suitable for every work environment, including even the most challenging and loudest office spaces.

Thanks to a universal QD plug that allows an easy and stable connection with various devices, the Axtel VOICE QD Series works with both desk and mobile phones as well as PCs.

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VOICE 28 HD duo NC

Crystal Clear Audio in Every Environment

Businesses require the ability to allow staff to immediately switch between different tasks while placing and receiving calls at any given moment. Headsets need to be multifunctional and comfortable to wear while simultaneously offering flawless performance with every use.

The Axtel VOICE Series headsets offer clear HD sound quality in stereo during calls, a flexible microphone with an advanced noise-canceling system and a lightweight, durable structure.

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PRIME X3 duo

Freedom of Communication in Business and Mobility

The PRIME X3 duo wireless headset was designed for offices and customers alike who consider unrestrained communication and mobility to be a vital part of their business development.

The headset possesses the ability to efficiently integrate a solution with a computer, desk phone, and a mobile phone, fully satisfying a company’s various communication needs.

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Why choose Axtel?

Advanced Sound Quality
Advanced Noise Cancellation
Microphone with noise cancellation
Acoustic Protection Technology
Automatic Gain Control
Digital Signal Processing
Ultralight and comfortable construction
Monaural and binaural versions

Noise reduction technology- see how it works

Check better quality of business communication with advanced NC noise reduction technology. Avoid absorbing sounds from the open space of your office and disturbing noise in the headset during your conversation. NC system provides clear sound of every word without any noise from the office. In such convenient conditions consultant can fully focus on the daily tasks and be more efficient at work.

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