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Axtel is an European brand with a global reach producing ICT equipment, including webcams for laptops and computers

Axtel specializes in manufacturing ICT gear intended for telecommunication, especially in producing professional headsets, IP phones and HD webcams.

Despite the fact that it originates from Europe, company’s products are used worldwide. Since the very beginning Axtel is focusing on their customers’ needs and suggestions, thus striving to create functional devices of the highest quality. Due to market and clients expectations, at the beginning of the 2020 the first Axtel HD webcam for laptops and computers was launched. It was a step towards creating a line of professional Axtel HD webcams.

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Axtel AX-FHD Webcam Pro
New standard of virtual meetings

Bring your online business meetings closest to a real-life experience with the Axtel AX-FHD Webcam Pro. This new state-of-the-art webcam will maximize your company’s productivity by allowing a superb quality of virtual meetings with the most advanced technology. With its wide field of view, it will encompass multiple meeting participants simultaneously while maintaining high image quality.


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Axtel AX-FHD Webcam
Small Device – Large Opportunities

For the AX-FHD Webcam small size and high quality go hand in hand, as it guarantees excellent image resolution with 1080p Full HD transmission with autofocus and Auto White Balance. Excellent noise-cancelling microphone allows your audience to enjoy clear communication, whether it is a short exchange of ideas or a long presentation.


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