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Remote work and learning are very often associated with the need to show yourself to the other participants of the meeting. Thanks to this, you can not only establish better contact with the audience, but also focus more on the teleconference. Although built-in Laptop Webcams are a standard in modern laptops, they often offer the lowest quality image. If remote meetings are your everyday life, and you want to ensure comfortable and realistic work – check out our Laptop Webcams!

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Laptop Webcams are a guarantee of the highest quality. Axtel is a European brand that specializes in the production of accessories necessary for remote work. These are not only webcam cameras for laptops, but also headsets and IP phones. These products are created in such a way as to fully meet the needs of customers while maintaining an affordable price. Axtel Laptop Webcams are distinguished by a modern design, adapted to the currently designed equipment. Thanks to this, they look great on any device! The basic model is available in a shade of classic black, while the PRO webcam is available in a fashionable silver colour with black insets.

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Axtel AX-FHD Webcam Pro
New standard of virtual meetings

Bring your online business meetings closest to a real-life experience with the Axtel AX-FHD Webcam Pro. This new state-of-the-art webcam will maximize your company’s productivity by allowing a superb quality of virtual meetings with the most advanced technology. With its wide field of view, it will encompass multiple meeting participants simultaneously while maintaining high image quality.


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Axtel AX-FHD Webcam
Small Device – Large Opportunities

For the AX-FHD Webcam small size and high quality go hand in hand, as it guarantees excellent image resolution with 1080p Full HD transmission with autofocus and Auto White Balance. Excellent noise-cancelling microphone allows your audience to enjoy clear communication, whether it is a short exchange of ideas or a long presentation.


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Find out about the technical data of Axtel webcam cameras for laptops!

Both the AX-FHD Laptop Webcam and the PRO version are professional HD 1080p video recording accessories. These Laptop Webcams are equipped with an internal digital microphone with noise reduction. This allows you to record your voice while limiting noise coming from the environment. Thanks to this, you can comfortably use the Laptop Webcam with the window open or in a café. The Laptop Webcam lens is a 5-element glass optical lens with Auto Focus sensitivity adjustment.

What are the differences between the standard and PRO models? Foremost, a larger field of view reaching 105 degrees and a higher display frequency – the PRO Laptop Webcam offers as much as 60 fps. Both models are connected to the computer via Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0 and have cables with a length of 2 meters. They also differ in the aforementioned colours.

Compatibility is also a very important aspect when buying a webcam camera for a laptop. The AX-FHD Webcam and AX-FHD Webcam PRO connect to devices running on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.6 or later, Chrome OS Version 29 or later, Android v 5.0 or later.

Laptop Webcams – who are they for?

A Laptop Webcam is a device that will work for all people who often participate in remote meetings and conferences and conduct online classes or training. In addition, thanks to the high resolution, they are also a great solution for streamers who, thanks to Laptop Webcams, can conduct live streams from anywhere in the world!

By choosing Axtel Laptop Webcams, you can count on the highest quality of business meetings. It is reliable and fully professional equipment that allows you to increase the efficiency and comfort of remote work. These accessories not only work well, but also look great on any laptop. Choose your Laptop Webcams and order today!