Headsets with microphone for VOIP phones and mobile devices.

Choose a headset with microphone for your computer, IP phone, and mobile devices – providing you with greater comfort and professional call quality. Choose convenience and excellent sound. Talk from anywhere in the world, feeling like you are in a perfectly quiet office. Check out our portfolio of computer headsets with microphones and choose the model that suits you.

Professional computer headsets with microphone

Axtel is one of the largest manufacturers of headsets for businesses, and its solutions are used by companies all over the world. The brand’s main objective is to provide customers with modern equipment that allows for natural conversation despite the distance between users. From the beginning of its operations, Axtel has been offering customers headsets for office work that exceed previous communication solutions for businesses in terms of standard and quality. Its designs are based on modern technologies, ergonomic construction, and elegant design, making them ideal for any business space.

Axtel headsets with microphone for computer

Axtel headsets with microphones are an extensive range of products designed for different user needs. The brand offers solutions for small offices as well as extensive call centers, adapting devices to work conditions and the expectations of its customers. As a result, the offered headsets not only enable efficient telephone contact with customers or intra-company communication, but also increase work efficiency and significantly facilitate work by providing additional options to users.

Headsets with microphone for computer – the best solution for remote work

Axtel is a leading European manufacturer of ICT equipment, offering solutions for mobile work. The Axtel offer includes headsets with microphone for computers designed specifically for people looking for communication solutions for remote work and home office. Headsets with microphone for computers are made of solid materials that guarantee durability and high sound quality regardless of where users are located.

Wired headsets with microphone – maximum work comfort
Wired headsets with microphone are the most functional set for business use, mainly intended for companies in which telephone contact with the customer is the basis or a very important element of operations. Customer service offices, call centers, or B2B service companies require appropriate equipment for handling voice calls, which ensures that telephone contact is always at a professional level and employees have maximum work comfort. Wired headsets with microphones have a significant advantage over traditional solutions since employees can handle phone calls while performing other tasks, such as working on a computer. Axtel’s wired headsets for the office stand out with their high ergonomics – they are lightweight models with multi-stage adjustment, making them comfortable even during many hours of work, and protecting users from spinal and joint load and muscle strain in the arms.

Noise-cancelling headsets – crystal-clear sound quality

Sound quality is crucial for business phone calls, as it enables a conversation to be conducted on a professional level and ensures full understanding between the parties involved. Disturbances can discourage the speaker from continuing the conversation, so providing employees with high-quality communication equipment is a very important aspect. Call center headsets with noise reduction make it so that the person on the other end of the line does not hear background noise, such as distant conversations of other consultants in the call center. This makes the conversation more professional and fully understandable for all users.
Noise-cancelling headsets are a cornerstone of Axtel’s offering – all communication devices produced by the brand are equipped with noise-cancelling technology. They work perfectly in large office spaces, providing a sense of privacy during a conversation even with the most complex customer service phone calls.

Headsets with microphone for office use in mono and duo versions
Axtel headsets for office use are available in both single and dual-ear versions, allowing users to choose a model that suits their job duties and work style. Mono option headsets are the best solution for consultants whose tasks go beyond making phone calls. With a single-ear device, they can easily consult with colleagues or have conversations with clients in person without constantly taking off their headsets. Axtel’s noise-cancelling headsets are very comfortable to use – their special design and great adjustability keep the device in place without causing discomfort for the user. HD sound ensures efficient voice communication, and modern control solutions make it easier to carry out work duties.
Axtel’s noise-cancelling headsets are very comfortable to use – their special design and great adjustability keep the device in place without causing discomfort for the user. In addition, IP phones are commonly used in offices and our headsets are fully compatible with them. HD sound ensures efficient voice communication, and modern control solutions make it easier to carry out work duties.
Duo-version headsets for office work are suitable for employees whose main task is making phone calls. Comfortable and lightweight devices allow maximum focus on work and more efficient business conversations.
Axtel – durable and functional headsets for business
Solutions offered by the Axtel brand in the field of business communication significantly facilitate the operation of companies for whom an extensive phone contact department is a key issue. Axtel’s noise-cancelling headsets are designed to work with communication devices from most manufacturers. They provide excellent sound quality during calls, allowing for smooth and professional conversation. Additional device options streamline the work of telephone consultants, contributing to better company results.

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