Axtel Headsets professional headphones are an ideal solution for companies operating in the call center industry with customer service offices and wherever an important aspect of business is making phone calls. Our call center headphones are a product of the highest quality, ensuring high functionality, reliability and performance. Professional headphones manufactured by Axtel enable excellent, clear audibility thanks to the built-in noise reduction function, which removes background noise during a conversation, such as conversations or sounds made by working devices. Thanks to this, it is possible to fully concentrate while performing your tasks.

We know perfectly well that the nature of work is not required from the beginning, therefore headphones for a telephone with a microphone are available in two versions – versions. The first option is perfect for when an employee is required to multitask, e.g. make phone calls while communicating with colleagues.

In our rich offer, we also have headphones for skype for business . Thanks to the full compatibility with this application, it is possible to conduct calls via Internet telephony, organize videoconferences and initiate contact with people from every corner of the world, practically at any time. Headphones for skype for business are therefore an excellent tool for carrying out many business processes that take place in companies every day.

Our landline headphones with a microphone are equipped with a convenient and very intuitive remote control located on the cable, which enables comprehensive call handling. Receiving, rejecting and hanging calls can therefore be done in an even simpler and more automated way. Telemarketing headphones must be functional, so we make every effort to ensure that our products have all the most necessary options.

We are aware that call center headsets are a very important tool and must be fully compatible with the device with which it works. So we propose models that are equipped with a USB plug. Thanks to the use of the Plug & amp; Play function, all drivers are installed automatically, and the headphones themselves are telemarketing, immediately after connecting they are ready to work. Additionally, in such models we deal with having their own audio interface. In the event that you do not have hardware that has a high-quality sound card, and you expect crystal-clear sound, the USB version is able to provide it. We also have models with a mini-jack connector that can fully use the potential of the sound card of the base device, and additionally they can be compatible with virtually any multimedia equipment that is equipped with an appropriate input.

Designed for the most demanding users, headphones for the phone are very comfortable devices with a built-in microphone of the highest quality, and an adjustable headband allows you to adjust the handset to the size and shape of the user’s head. The rubber, durable coating of the headband is scratch-resistant and is perfect for long-term use. All this means that our devices are almost failure-free and are able to serve for many years.

Among the office equipment used in many companies, headphones for a telephone with a microphone are a very important element that greatly facilitates work. Call center headphones provide the highest comfort of use, even during very long phone calls. Expressive, fluent communication allows the consultant to concentrate better on everyday tasks, and his productivity clearly increases. It is not worth deciding on solutions from unrecognized manufacturers. Axtel is a company that has been present on the market for over fourteen years, providing the highest quality equipment to customers in as many as 98 countries. We guarantee functional headphones for a landline phone with a microphone and in many other configurations, while providing service for our devices.

Modern design and the highest quality materials used to create professional headphones are the features that make Axtel brand solutions popular among business users.

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