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Best solutions for Home
and Remote Workers

Staff working from home have the same needs as those working on company premises. They require technology solutions that is able to filter out ambient noises and allows them to fully concentrate on their communication tasks.

Remote workers also need a high degree of versatility in their devices and be ensured of full compatibility with their preferred hardware and software environments.

Axtel Headsets: Crystal Clear
Communication at any Location

The solutions by Axtel Headsets are designed to give home workers the means to communicate effectively and professionally regardless of their working environment. They offer crystal clear communica-tion and eliminate all possible sound distortion between sender and receiver. High quality microphones and earphones are equipped with the newest technologies for noise reduction, while the build quality ensures comfort for the highest levels of focus for users during their calls.

Axtel Headsets offer solutions that enable
home workers the tools to carry out their tasks, including:

Virtual Meetings

The clarity normally offered by
face-to-face meetings

Mobile on the road

Enables staff to answer any calls
easily regardless of location

Client Calls

High-quality sound for
professional representation
from home

Unified Communications

Multi-channel communication is crucial for geographically spread teams.

Axtel Headsets offer compatibility and easy control for any communication setup, allowing users to easily switch channels and seamlessly transition from one communication environment to the next.

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For many users, freedom of movement and use comfort are crucial in a communication heavy environment, especially when working externally.

The wireless solutions from Axtel give staff working from home the ability to move around while calls remain in progress, allowing them to react to changes in their surroundings whenever they occur.

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With the variety of devices available to home offices expanding every day, staff need headsets that work with any device they have available to them, whether they are PCs, smartphones or tablets.

Axtel Headsets includes models suitable for any mobile device, meaning that any professional on the move has professional communication resources available to them.

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Professional Headsets:
All Your Needs, in any environment

Axtel offers professional grade headsets that offer a broad variety of options that fit the needs and preferences of any user or organization.

Models are available in different configurations, with either 28mm speakers optimized for two-way conversations while effectively isolate the user from ambient sound, or 40mm speakers for optimal sound quality and complete concentration, as well as single and duo speaker setup.

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For the AX-FHD Webcam small size and high quality go hand in hand, as it guarantees excellent image resolution with 1080p Full HD transmission with autofocus and Auto White Balance. Excellent noise-cancelling microphone allows your audience to enjoy clear communication, whether it is a short exchange of ideas or a long presentation.

Equipped with a USB cable and the Plug&Play feature, it will easily connect to various devices. Compatible with Windows 10 and as well as older versions – Windows 8 and Windows 7, XP and supports multiple video conferencing software programs.

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Any Connector, Any Device

The wide choice of connector plugs, with USB, 3,5mm jack and QD options, allows for a wide range of use cases.

The QD (Quick Disconnect) connector


The 3.5mm audio jack

Axtel Headsets are compatible with:

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