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Professional single-ear headsets with advanced IP electronics.

When technology meets efficiency

Axtel PRIME mono QD is designed for all the companies that value effective communication. The Axtel PRIME headsets use Acoustic Protection technology for HD quality sound and excellent noise- cancellation in any given environment. We know how loud open-space offices can be, so we designed a headset that delivers a completely new level of business communication.

Modern and ergonomic design

Axtel PRIME mono QD is an ergonomic solution ensures a high level of comfort throughout your daily work. Its light flexible structure, soft and movable earpieces that adjust to the shape of your ear deliver the highest level of comfort at work. These features allow users to stay focused even after many hours of continuous use.

Axtel PRIME mono QD headsets are compatible with IP phones, allowing users to take advantage of wideband and other high-quality sound features found on their modern devices.


Acoustic Protection technology
Microphone with noise cancellation
Compatible with phones of all manufacturers
Modern design
High-quality sound
Created on the basis of long-term research
QD Plug

Noise reduction technology- see how it works

Check better quality of business communication with advanced NC noise reduction technology. Avoid absorbing sounds from the open space of your office and disturbing noise in the headset during your conversation. NC system provides clear sound of every word without any noise from the office. In such convenient conditions consultant can fully focus on the daily tasks and be more efficient at work.

Noise reduction OFF

Technical Data



Elite HDvoice duo NC

Elite HDvoice mono NC

Type of work at office desk at office desk at office desk at office desk
Type of environment high noise high noise high noise high noise
Category Professional Professional Professional Professional
Corded wireless Corded Corded Corded Corded
Headset connectivity QD QD QD QD
Compatibility Desk phone / Softphone / Smartphone Desk phone / Softphone / Smartphone Desk phone / Softphone / Smartphone Desk phone / Softphone / Smartphone
Sound quality HD HD HD HD
Advanced noise cancellation Strong Strong Strong Strong
Microphone with noise cancellation
Accoustic protection technology < 118 dB A < 118 dB A < 118 dB A < 118 dB A
Digital signal processing technology
Automatic gain control technology
Wearing style Mono Duo Duo Mono
Wireless technology
Operating range
Talk time

Axtel Headsets are compatible with:



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