Solutions for unified Communications require use of best-quality equipment that are effective in any conditions, even those most demanding. The pc headphones in our offer are products made for most comfort use and excellent sound quality to ensure problem-free reception of phone calls.

USB headset with microphone – simple handling of phone calls guaranteed

Our products come with a comfortable solution in the form of a USB remote. Owing to its highly intuitive operation you can enjoy full control over all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as free control of the sound volume of the device. All that to ensure each user can personalise all settings of the set to his or her individual needs and preferences. This obviously has an actual impact on efficient handling of phone calls and, consequently, also on the employees’ performance.

The headphones are immediately ready for work right after being connected to the device. This is ensured by the use of Plug&Play technology that allows it to be automatically connected to the PC or laptop system and immediately detected.

Comfort even after many hours of work – use USB headsets with mic! 

We put our best foot forward to ensure each our usb headset with mic is a fully functional device that additionally guarantees the best work ergonomics possible for the user. For this very reason, we make all our products based on meticulous and well-adjusted designs.

Regardless of whether a given employee handles short and occasional phone calls or does contacting clients or business partners constitute vast part of his or her tasks throughout the day.

Since all our headsets are made using highly light and durable materials, there is no threat of causing any damage due to weight to the user’s spine or neck. This has an immense impact on the comfort of use and work, which is so important in such a profession. An additional advantage is the possibility to adjust the headset to one’s individual needs using multi-level adjustment option provided in many elements of the set.

Excellent communication owing to high-quality mic

It is very important that the client can hear the consultant clearly and without any disturbance or sounds coming from the surrounding environment. Our headphones come with a high-class mic that handle compensation and reduction of all noise most excellently and substantially improve consultant’s voice transmission. Owing to this, the user’s voice sounds very natural, clear and with no disturbance.

Mono and stereo pc headphones

We offer headsets that use double structure solutions. These are headphones in one-ear and double-ear options.

If a given employee must not only conduct ongoing phone calls but also remain in continuous constant with his or her co-workers or client directly in the office, the solution dedicated for one ear will be the best effective choice. Since mono headphones emit sound only into one ear of the user, he or she does not have to put them on and off all the time – the user may work uninterrupted wearing the headset. Additionally, they do not cause any discomfort or compromised sound quality.

However, if a given person is focused only on phone calls, there is no reason for him or her not to use double-ear headphones. This set ensures perfect quality of sound and their delicate and soft ear cups makes even long hours of work wearing the headphones easy on the ears.

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