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MS2 mono USB-A

Controlling sound and calls with an intuitive remote control quickly becomes a habit.

Convenient UC headset designed for Contact Centers

The lightweight and comfortable MS2 headsets ensure full comfort during use and have many features designed specifically for UC systems. Thanks to its careful and flexible construction equipped with adjustable speakers, the headset can be used according to an individual's preferences. Last but not least, users who often change their workplace may easily carry the MS2 with them by using its compact case.

Optimized for Skype for Business [MS Lync]

The MS2 Series was optimized for Skype for Business [MS Lync] as well as call answering and termination functions. Functional USB cables enable exchangeable integration with PCs while whole Plug & Play technology ensures systems identify the headset immediately.

Users working in ambient rich environments can opt for noise-canceling headsets (NC) that ensure comfortable user experience. Wideband sound improves audibility and offers additional freedom in communication. Acoustic Protection technology eliminates harmful tones and protects the hearing of your staff.


DSP – Digital Signal Processing
Functional USB cable
Microphone with noise cancellation
Lightweight construction
AGC – Automatic Gain Control
Supports most operating systems
Flexible microphone boom

Noise reduction technology- see how it works

Check better quality of business communication with advanced NC noise reduction technology. Avoid absorbing sounds from the open space of your office and disturbing noise in the headset during your conversation. NC system provides clear sound of every word without any noise from the office. In such convenient conditions consultant can fully focus on the daily tasks and be more efficient at work.

Noise reduction OFF

Technical Data

MS2 mono NC USB

MS2 stereo USB-A



Type of work at office desk at office desk at office desk at office desk
Type of environment low noise low noise average noise average noise
Category Unified Communications Unified Communications Unified Communications Unified Communications
Corded wireless Corded Corded Corded Corded
Headset connectivity USB USB USB USB
Compatibility Softphone Softphone Softphone Softphone
Sound quality Wideband Wideband Wideband Wideband
Advanced noise cancellation Optimal Optimal Medium Medium
Microphone with noise cancellation
Accoustic protection technology < 118 dB A < 118 dB A < 118 dB A < 118 dB A
Digital signal processing technology
Automatic gain control technology
Wearing style Mono Duo Duo Mono
Wireless technology
Operating range
Talk time

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