Camera with microphone

Axtel cameras with a microphone are an offer addressed to people who use a desktop or laptop computer for everyday communication. They are modern multifunctional devices – perfect for videoconferences, facilitating professional duties and remote learning. The camera with microphone can be used for both business and private purposes.

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Microphone camera for computers

The professional computer microphone cameras available in this category are devices that are completely intuitive to connect and operate. Designed for online meetings, regardless of location, they provide perfect images and accurately reflect real colours. By investing in an Axtel PC camera, you will achieve your goals – whether you are looking for business solutions, remote working or education.

The stable, high-resolution image and excellent sound quality it provides will clearly shorten the distance between you and your interlocutor and give you complete freedom of action in the virtual world.

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Camera with microphone Axtel AX-FHD Webcam Pro

The Axtel AX-FHD Webcam Pro makes users feel as if they are in the same room during a meeting. The innovative camera offers up to 60 frames per second, sensational images and a microphone that eliminates noise and reverberation. Take your online meetings to the next level and save time while improving communication with clients and your team.

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Camera with microphone Axtel AX-FHD Webcam

The AX-FHD Webcam is dedicated to interviewing and conferencing for medium to large companies. Despite its compact design, it provides excellent image quality in Full HD 1080p, Auto Focus, white balance and noise-cancelling microphone.

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Camera with microphone – Stable image and crystal clear sound.

Cameras with a microphone for the computer manufactured by Axtel guarantee a stable image with high resolution and crystal-clear sound in HD quality. The proposed solutions significantly increase the comfort of work, allowing you to perform your professional duties in various conditions – also in open, large-space offices. This is particularly important when a video call involves a large number of people. The parameters characterising Axtel’s business computer cameras make it possible to ensure that all participants in a meeting take part in the conversation without any interference.

Computer camera with microphone – ideal for modern offices

Axtel products are based on modern and carefully developed solutions. They are at the same time a tool for everyday, long hours of work and a permanent fixture in the office. Made of light materials, they attract attention with their minimalist design and provide maximum working comfort. The cameras are ideally suited to modern offices, increasing the functionality and efficiency of work in the company.